Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Skills Mastery, Mastering Skills?

During the skills mastery discourse of writing correctly through practice, the teacher requires the student to complete their work in a very conventional and precise way. If the skill is not done in this particular way, it is considered wrong and is skilled and drilled until the student will perform the work in the "right" way. This view of teaching a skill is very black and white and is not necessarily the best way to teach something to a child. Learning how to correctly perform a skill can be done in a number of different ways. Some students are at different levels than other students and their learning styles may be different as well. Some children have opposing needs when it comes to learning and may not be able to come to the required conclusion when they are told to master a skill in only one way. I believe that teachers need to be more open when they are teaching children how to master a specific skill and they must be able to teach a child this skill in more than one precise way.

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