Sunday, January 22, 2012

Literacy Dig at Kroger

This week I performed a part of a literacy dig at a grocery store in town. I attended Kroger at noon on a Sunday and took some videos of the types of things that would be found there that would be beneficial for students to learn about. I was actually able to find a lot of interesting things that I could apply to classroom learning and lots of great vocabulary words to use. I spent a lot of time video taping the fruits and vegetables section and I think that spending time talking about the words organic and processed would be great ideas for classroom plans in the future. I also spent a lot of time video taping the meats and deli sections because there were a lot of different types of foods there and many new eye catching foods for children to learn about and try. I think that attending a grocery store as a part of a literacy dig would be a great idea for any elementary classroom because it is something that children do on a regular basis with their parents and giving them the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective will really help students to create a strong third space connection between home and school.

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