Sunday, January 15, 2012

Silent Literacy

            Many people believe that literacy only includes writing and reading with letters and words, however, literacy involves much more than that. Literacy is a means of expression and getting a message across to someone else. This can be done through reading and writing but also through drawing, singing, sculpture, painting and any other type of art medium. I think that art is definitely a part of literacy and literacy is also art. Art is a way for people to express themselves and get a message across to other people and that is exactly why people read, write and speak as well.
            Telling stories and expressing thoughts through art can be a great way to begin conversation and communication between children and teachers who do not speak the same language. Children can use this type of literacy to communicate and help in their journey of learning a new language. When children and teachers are able to communicate in this way it opens up a whole new world of story telling and expression. Children are sometimes able to tap into a part of their creativity that has a more difficult time coming through in writing or speaking. Art is a way of communicating literacy in a new and exciting way.

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