Sunday, January 29, 2012

Phonemic Awareness Is Not the Only Important Part of Literacy

Although phonemic awareness is extremely important in learning how to read and write and is also the most prevalent predictor of success in these areas, it is not the only thing to focus on when trying to help children in literacy. Teachers need to remember that children need a variety of different teaching practices and activities to help them learn literacy in the classroom. They also need concrete experiences to connect their learning to. Doing activities such as connecting literacy to writing words in shaving cream, rewriting well known songs and stories, drawing pictures along with writing and reading with older/younger paired reading buddies will help them to create memorable experiences. This way, the students will have an experience to connect their learning with and later on when they have to apply it to something new, they will be able to remember these activities and also remember the concepts that they were practicing during them.

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